8 Interesting Nicknames for New Orleans

8 Interesting Nicknames for New Orleans

New Orleans has lots of nicknames, as a city steeped in history, culture, and soulful melodies, is affectionately known by a variety of terms that reflect its unique charm and vibrant spirit. Let’s explore some of the monikers that have adorned this iconic city over the years.

Overview of New Orleans’s Nicknames

  1. The Big Easy
  2. The Crescent City
  3. NOLA
  4. The Birthplace of Jazz
  5. The City that Care Forgot
  6. The Paris of the South
  7. The City of Festivals
  8. The Big Muddy

The Origins of New Orleans’ Nicknames

New Orleans’s nicknames capture the essence of the place’s vibrant culture, rich history, and soulful spirit. Whether you’re savoring a plate of beignets in the French Quarter, dancing to the rhythm of a brass band in the Marigny, or strolling along the historic streets of the Garden District, New Orleans never fails to enchant and inspire with its unique blend of charm, warmth, and joie de vivre. Let us dive into the names that this city takes on.

The Big Easy

Arguably the most famous nickname for New Orleans is “The Big Easy.” Originating in the 1960s, this New Orleans nickname captures the city’s well-known laid-back attitude. It’s thought that the name came from musicians that found the city a much easier place to work in and find fans than other places. 

The Crescent City

Due to its location on the crescent-shaped curve in the Mississippi River, New Orleans is often referred to as ‘The Crescent City.’ It has historically been a city with strong ties to its river, being both a major port and trading hub.


‘NOLA’ is an abbreviated version of New Oreleans, Louisiana. Lots of US cities take their names from this shortening, much like one of Los Angeles’s nicknames is ‘LA.’ This shortened name for New Orleans has become popular, being used across websites, social media, and even on merch for the city.

The Birthplace of Jazz

New Orleans holds the prestigious title of “The Birthplace of Jazz,” a nickname that reflects the city’s contributions to the development of this American musical genre. From the raucous rhythms of Bourbon Street to the soulful melodies of Preservation Hall, New Orleans is jazz and has captivated music lovers from around the world for decades.

The City That Care Forgot

New Orleans is often seen as being a laid-back city, which is where it got its nickname ‘The City That Care Forgot.’ Due to how peoples’ worries seem to dissipate amongst the joyous culture and warmth of this place.

The Paris of the South

New Orleans has a striking resemblance to Paris, with European-inspired architecture and rich cultural heritage. For this reason, New Orleans is sometimes called ‘The Paris of the South.’ 

The City of Festivals

New Orleans is renowned as “The City of Festivals” for its year-round calendar of lively celebrations, cultural events, and spirited gatherings. From the world-famous Mardi Gras festivities, to the Jazz & Heritage Festival, French Quarter Festival, and countless other parades, concerts, and cultural events, New Orleans knows how to throw a party like no other city.

The Big Muddy

With the Mississippi River on its doorstep, New Orleans is called ‘The Big Muddy.’ The river has played a big part in shaping the city, not only bringing culture, but helping the economy too. The river has sediment-rich waters that have learnt themselves to this New Orleans nickname.

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